Three Fast Facts About Car Accidents Every New Teen Driver Should Know

As a parent, when your teen gets their drivers license it can bring about a new level of concern for their safety. The best way to ease your own worries is to educate your child about the dangers that come along with driving a car. You can go a long way toward educating your child and making them more aware by sharing with them a few of the more alarming statistics about car accidents and driving.

Three Estate Planning Documents Every 30-Year-Old Should Have

A common misconception about estate planning is that it is a task meant to be tackled in life's later years. This is far from true. Estate planning should begin much earlier in life, even in your 30s. As an active and goal focused thirty-year-old, it might seem strange or morbid to plan for your demise at such an early age; however, making plans today is critical for any loved ones you leave behind.

The Presumption of Fraud in Bankruptcy: Avoiding It and Overcoming It

Most of the time, the bankruptcy court gives you the benefit of the doubt: absent evidence to the contrary, it's assumed that when you incurred your debts that you intended to pay them back off. You didn't go into them knowing you were going to file for bankruptcy. However, if you violate certain rules, that benefit of the doubt evaporates and you can be charged with the presumption of fraud—which will leave you stuck with debts even after your bankruptcy is over.

Intersexed And Under-Recognized: What You Should Know About Discrimination Lawsuits

Intersex people, those who are born with genitalia that isn't clearly male or female (or is a combination of both), account for about 1 out of every 1,500 births. That makes it more common than being born with spina bifida -- which is far more widely known, but occurs less than 5 times out of every 10,000 births. Yet, intersex people often face discrimination throughout their lives unless they choose to adopt a specifically "

3 Ways To Pay For Your Bail If You Can Not Get A Bail Bond

Once your bail is set, it is up to you and whoever plans to bail you out to determine a way to pay for it. Bail bonds are usually the easiest and quickest way to get the money to bail someone out of jail. However, bail bonds are not often granted to everyone. Since a bondsman charges you a percentage of your bail, they tend to give bail bonds to people who have a higher bail.