What Is A Private Nuisance?

A private nuisance is interference of another person's use and enjoyment of their property. For example, if your neighbor is making so much noise that you can't sleep in your bedroom, then you may hold the neighbor liable for a private nuisance. Categories There are two categories of nuisances. Nuisances Per Se These are activities of behaviors that are considered nuisances at face value. For such activities, you don't have to prove that the behavior is a nuisance; you just need to prove that the defendant did what you are claiming they did.

3 Ways A Long-Term Disability Attorney Can Help You

Living with a disability can be incredibly stressful since it is very difficult to hold employment and earn an income when one has a long-term physical or mental disability. Luckily, the government offers long-term disability benefits for those who are unable to work and need a financial safety net. On the downside, qualifying for long-term disability benefits from the government is not an easy or simple task. If you suffer from a disability and plan on applying for long-term disability benefits, one of the best things that you can do is hire a long-term disability attorney to assist you.