What Is Used To Determine Assumption Of Maternity

Are you going through a family law case involving a child, and do you need to establish who are the parents of the child to move forward? While the mother of a child is always clear, the father of the child is not. That is why there are some standards used to determine the assumption of maternity when starting a child custody case, which is when no additional evidence is needed to prove maternity.

3 Important Claim Stages Personal Injury Attorneys Will Walk You Through

You might think that the process for filing a claim is straightforward, but it's usually more complicated than it appears. Several rules and procedures have to be followed, and mistakes need to be avoided to increase your chances of obtaining the right award for your losses. Personal injury attorneys understand all the circumstances and facts surrounding such cases and can walk you through all the steps of the claim. Here are the three important stages they'll guide you through.

Are You Seeking Compensation For Slipping Or Tripping? 3 Essential Questions To Ask Your Lawyer Before Starting The Process

Every commercial property owner must maintain safety on their premises to prevent accidents among workers and clients. For instance, they need to eliminate hazardous conditions that may cause slips or trips. But it is not uncommon to find run-down floors, pathways, and stairs in a commercial facility. You're entitled to compensation when you slip or trip accidentally on another person's premises. However, you'll require the assistance of a lawyer to navigate this legal process.

3 Ways a Workers Compensation Lawyer Will Increase Your Chances of Receiving Benefits

Working is what makes living possible. It gives you the money you need to pay your monthly bills, buy the things you need, and keep you from feeling idle and unproductive. However, work-related injuries can make everything that your job offers impossible to obtain. You may struggle to support yourself and your family, suffer from pain and discomfort, and struggle to manage the financial stress that comes with this ordeal. The good news is that a workers comp lawyer can help you get financial assistance for your damages.

Crossing State Lines And Custody Agreements

In the not-so-distant past, parents could pick up and move to a new state when they wanted to change a custody agreement. However, the UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) has brought about changes in the way that happens. To find out more, read on. Parental Kidnapping Issues The UCCJEA means that parents cannot petition the court for custody changes in their new state except under certain conditions. Previously, parents could get a lawyer and ask their new state to make changes in the custody agreements from a different state and they were often successful.