Why You Should Not Face Felony Charges Without Legal Representation

One of the most challenging experiences you might have to go through is being charged with a felony. Felony charges can be life-altering because once you are convicted, it means you might have to pay heavy fines for the crime, do community services, and, in most cases, serve time behind bars. There are also other life-long consequences of felonies, including losing your driving license, losing professional licensure, and all the other complications that result from spending long periods while incarcerated.

Why Seeking A Lawyer After A Truck Accident Is So Important

Accidents that involve trucks often leads to extensive vehicle damage and catastrophic injuries that can change a person's life forever. The injuries that occur usually end up being more severe because of the weight and size of the average truck. It also takes the drivers of these large vehicles more time to come to a complete stop, which could make the impact of an accident much worse. Anyone who gets into an accident with a truck driver could benefit from finding a truck accident lawyer to help them.

3 Responsibilities During A Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

Have you finally decided to get help with your debt problems? If so, your lawyer might recommend using Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 requires that you repay your debts, but it provides an affordable way to do this and gives you protection from your creditors. The repayment plan you have for your Chapter 13 case might require making payments for the next 36 to 60 months. During this time, you will have an active bankruptcy case and responsibilities.

What You Should Know About Grandparents and Visitation Rights

When circumstances occur that keep you from seeing your grandchild, you might want to know about visitation rights. More and more states are recognizing the special bond grandparents and grandchildren share. Children involved in a separation, divorce, and other stressful situations need the love and support of their loving relatives more than ever. Read on to find out more about grandparents and visitation rights. 1. Above everything else, the courts give a high priority to what they feel is the best interest of the child.

Working With A Bail Bonds Company To Get A Quick Release From Jail

Being arrested and going to jail even for a few hours is not something anyone wants. If you do end up in custody, getting a bail bond company to post your bail is essential no matter what time of day or night. 24-hour bail bonds companies can help expedite your release even before a bail hearing.  Bail Bonds When an arrest is made and charges are brought against you, the jail will process you into the facility, where you will wait to go to court, and the judge will set bail in your case.