Why an Accident With an RV Is Sometimes Worse Than With a Commercial Vehicle

If you are involved in an accident with another driver who is operating an RV, you are more likely to suffer a much more serious injury. This is because RVs are larger and heavier. The accident might crush your car and cause broken bones and internal organ damage. However, because an RV motorist is not a commercial driver, you may find it more difficult to receive full compensation for your injuries.

The Danger of an RV

Not only are RVs heavy, but the size of the RV can make it more difficult for the driver to see. An RV driver might be less experienced than other operators of large vehicles since the RV might only be driven during vacation. 

RVs are sometimes larger than some commercial vehicles but a CDL license is not required to operate an RV. As a result, many RV drivers do not have as much training as a commercial driver and are more likely to make mistakes and get involved in accidents. The driver might have rented an RV and is driving it for the first time before crashing into you.

What to Do After an RV Accident

If you are injured, receive medical attention immediately. Then, get on the phone with a local personal injury lawyer who has experience with auto accidents. The steps you take from this point onward can affect your case. Even if you are too injured to leave your bed, a personal injury attorney can head out and investigate your accident to gather important facts.

For example, you might have been rear-ended because the other driver didn't stop the RV soon enough and may have been tailgating your car. Generally, the motorist who rear-ends the other motorist is considered at fault with these types of accidents. You may have suffered an accident because you were in the blind spot of the driver and they made a turn or changed lanes and collided with your vehicle.

The RV might be overloaded because RV drivers do not have to follow the same regulations as drivers who operate commercial vehicles. Also, if the vehicle is overloaded and is not operated properly, the RV might roll over and cause a serious accident. When making turns, the weight of the RV can easily make it tilt over.

Compensation for Your Injuries

These types of accidents are not your fault and you have every right to seek compensation for your injuries by pursuing legal action against the other driver's insurance provider. However, because the insurance provider might not compensate you fully for your injuries, you may want to consider taking legal action against the driver as well.

Make an appointment with a personal injury law firm to explore your options.