Are You A Woman In The Workforce? 3 Signs That You Might Need Gender Discrimination Law Services

By now, you might hope that our society would have let go of harmful discrimination practices in the workplace. After all, women have been formally employed in many different environments for decades. While legal protections are in place through government mandates, you may still face discrimination from employers who either don't know about the law or choose to disregard their responsibility for equality in the workplace.

The problem with gender discrimination is that it is often so subtle that it is hard to identify. Employers may also use other methods, such as claiming your work habits as being ineffective, to draw attention away from their discriminatory practices. As a general rule, you should be concerned any time you feel a gut instinct that says something isn't right. You can also look for these signs that you might benefit from using gender discrimination law services to figure out if you have a case.

A Coworker's Promotion Just Doesn't Make Sense

Work promotions are not typically handed out randomly. Employers should use factors such as your work history, seniority, and educational background as ways to decide who should move up in the company. You might need to worry if a male coworker in a lower position suddenly gets a promotion while you are passed over. This is especially concerning if most of the people in higher-level positions are men and the coworker does not have a similar education or work history to you.

You Notice a Pay Difference Between You and a Colleague

People tend to shy away from talking about their pay in the workplace, and some employers try to keep this as a taboo topic. However, you may discover that a new hire who is a different gender is making more money than you despite your experience. In some cases, this could just be due to a bump in pay for incoming employees that hasn't hit your pay schedule. Seeking the advice from a professional in gender discrimination law can help you figure out if this is an honest accident or if it linked to you being a different gender.

You Get Treated Differently Due to Your Gender

A work environment that is hostile to women is more likely to engage in gender discrimination. You should not have to put up with sexual harassment or being told things such as that you can't do certain tasks due to being pregnant. Even a simple comment that suggests women being inferior to men could be a sign that gender discrimination could happen or already has. If you've ever been made to feel like less of an employee due to being a woman, then you may also be facing discrimination in other ways such as being passed over for new projects that could further your career.

For more information, seek a gender discrimination law service for more information.