Child Custody Tips For Infants

Child custody agreements can affect families with children of all ages. However, when the case involves an infant, there are certain considerations each parent should consider to prepare an agreement that is fair for both parents and nurturing for the child. If you are facing a child custody agreement for your infant, here are some tips to keep in mind.

It's Okay to Overreact

All children are fragile and require a high level of care. However, when it comes to infants the focus in each of these areas is heightened. Infants demand regular and conscious attention from their caregiver, and they also require a safe and clean environment. 

If you have any concerns about the well-being of your child with the other parent, it is okay to overreact and speak up. You do not want to send your child into an environment in which they will not be nurtured, and the courts also have no desire to send the child into the same type of environment. Make the judge aware of any concerns you have. 

Put Past Feelings Aside

An infant is the creation of two people. While one parent may have carried the child or one parent may spend the most time with the new baby, when it comes to the long-term development of the infant, it's important the child has an equal opportunity to bond with each parent. 

If you have past feelings about the demise of your relationship with the other parent, don't use the custody agreement as an opportunity to get back at the other parent. Work hard to agree to an arrangement that is inclusive of each parents' desire and need to spend time with their child.  

Demand Financial Responsibility

A large part of the extra care that infants require are financial costs. Infants require special sleeping arrangements, diapers, formula and other expensive items. To ensure the child is protected, the parent watching the child must be able to meet the financial demands of raising the child.

If you're not confident the other parent can meet these demands, you should include this information in your claim for custody. The court requires a safe environment for the child, and a part of creating a safe environment is financial stability. 

Child custody agreements for children of any age are a challenge, but an attorney can help. To ensure you reach an agreement that is fair, make sure you contact an attorney to assist you with your case. 

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