Can Your Lawyer Settle Your Case Without Your Consent? What You Need To Know

In many motorcycle accident cases, the case can be settled to your satisfaction based on the circumstances of the accident. When you sign the paperwork with your attorney, you may be stipulating that he or she can have the authority to settle your case for you to finalize it without your consent. While this does not happen often, it is a possibility. The following is some information about case settlements without your consent:

Do Most Attorneys Settle Without Your Knowledge?

In most cases, an attorney is not going to settle your case without your knowledge or consent unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances that will make it necessary. If you are mentally incapacitated and your attorney or someone else has your power of attorney, this is typically when a settlement is done.

While your attorney will likely not settle without you, he or she should offer you advice on whether or not the offer is a fair one. If your attorney believes you are being provided a low-ball offer, they can tell you just that. However, the final decision is yours to make.

What Constitutes a Motorcycle Accident Settlement?

The settlement in a motorcycle accident case will depend on several factors. Factors such as your medical bills, property damage, your expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering go into the final settlement offer. The goal is to get more money that what an insurance company is willing to offer and to make you whole as possible.

How Can a Non-Consented Settlement Occur?

Unfortunately, some attorneys are willing to accept a settlement offer without the consent of the client for unjust or unethical reasons. Perhaps they want to finish up as many cases as possible in order to get paid themselves.

The best way to avoid this is to carefully screen your attorney before you even begin your legal case. Take special notice of the character of an attorney before moving forward. You should also take a look at the history of all attorneys you are considering to make sure nothing like this has happened before.

Ultimately, you should go with your gut feeling. If you feel as though that your attorney is moving too quickly to rush you through a meeting or if you are just a number, chances are you need to move forward with someone else to prevent any problems that can cause you to lose money on your motorcycle accident case.