Important First Steps Toward Personal Injury Success

When car wrecks happen, it can mean an upheaval in your life, particularly if you were injured. Careless drivers seem to be everywhere, but if your wreck was caused by someone else, you have the right to be compensated for your damages. Getting compensation is a process, so it might reduce your stress level if you know what important steps to take first. Read on to learn more about getting your personal injury case off to the right start.

You will need some help

Even minor accidents can cause serious physical and monetary damages, so getting a personal injury attorney to advocate for you during the personal injury process is a wise idea. You can do a lot to help get your case off to a quick start by appearing at your first appointment armed with the information your attorney will need to review your case make some important decisions about representation.

The contingency fee arrangement and how it benefits you

Be sure to have as much information about the accident as you can with you at your initial meeting. Bring insurance information, the accident report, your medical treatment bills and anything else you have. Once the attorney reviews your case, you may be offered a contingency fee contract. This means that the attorney will take a certain percentage of any winnings as their fee for taking the case. This type of payment relationship with your attorney benefits you in several ways:

You will have the support and professional legal expertise of an attorney without having to pay any money upfront. Most people are not in the best of financial circumstances when they are injured and may be unable to work, and in most cases non-contingency fee attorneys require a retainer upfront.

You will know right away how good your case is and what your chances of success are, since the attorney is not likely to take the case if there will be no (or very little) monetary damages to be reaped.

You will have confidence that your attorney will get you the top amount possible for your damages, since they are benefiting by getting a percentage of that award themselves.

A letter before you file suit

While you may be expecting your attorney to head to the courthouse and sue the at-fault driver right away, you may want to adjust your expectations. While pursuing a case in court is always a possibility, going to court can be costly, time-consuming and may not even be necessary. Before you file, your attorney may send the other side a demand letter that details your case and will include the following:

  • How you were not at fault for the accident and how the other party is at fault
  • What types of medical treatments you have had, so far, and the dollar amount of that treatment
  • The types of evidence you have to present, should the case come to trial, such as eye-witness accounts, the police or accident reports, photos, videos, etc.
  • The dollar amount you are asking for to settle the case at this time.

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