Filing For Bankruptcy? Two Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Have An Attorney

If you've found yourself drowning in a sea of debt, bankruptcy can be the life raft that you need. Depending on which chapter you file, you'll either be able to restructure your debt so that it's more manageable, or your debts will be completely wiped out. Although it's possible to file for bankruptcy on your own, it's highly advisable for you to have the help and expertise of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Use this information to learn more about why you absolutely must have an attorney when you're ready to file for bankruptcy.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Stops The Harassment

One of the main reasons why you should hire a bankruptcy attorney is because it's a key way for you to stop the harassment that you may currently be experiencing. The moment you get a lawyer on your side, the collections calls must cease.

When you retain a bankruptcy attorney, they will send out "cease and desist" letters to each of your creditors. What this does is signal to them that any issues or questions that they have about your accounts must be directed toward the lawyer, and no longer to you. This can give you the peace of mind that you may be lacking, especially if the calls were coming back-to-back, barely giving you a chance to breathe.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Help You Avoid Making Mistakes

Another reason why you should hire an attorney is because it's the key to helping you avoid making costly mistakes. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very complicated process. If you don't know how to fill out the paperwork correctly, you could end up omitting something, which leaves you on the hook for it.

For example, you may have creditors that aren't listed on your credit report. This could be individual people who have loaned you money, or even the homeowner's association fees that you're behind on. If you don't list these people in the bankruptcy paperwork, they may be able to come after you later for it.

Your lawyer will carefully comb over your entire financial profile to ensure that everything is included. They know how to fill out the paperwork thoroughly so you can rest assured that you have a complete file.

Working with an attorney during a bankruptcy could prove to be a very wise decision. Don't wait; contact a bankruptcy lawyer today, so you can start enjoying these benefits and many more.