Learn the Basics of Child Support

Some people stay in unhappy relationships because they know they may have to pay child support if they leave their spouse. If you are in a miserable relationship, there is a good chance that your child feels the unhappiness in your relationship and that is not healthy for them. Learn the basics of how child support really works in the guide below so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to stay or leave an unhappy relationship.

Child Support Is Based on Your Income

The amount you are ordered to pay for your child support each month is based on the amount of money you make per year. The more money you make, the more money you will have to pay in child support. You can send in for an adjustment if anything changes in your current financial situation. The amounts that both you and your ex make will be taken into account when the court decides how much you pay in child support costs.

Child Support Can Be Taken Out of Your Check

There are some people who are not overly responsible with paying their bills on time. If you feel that there is a chance you could forget to pay your child support and get in trouble for being delinquent, you can have the payment taken directly out of your paycheck. That means that the money will already be sent before you even have a chance to see it. This ensures that you never fall behind on your child support payments.

Child Support Spending Is Not Always Tracked

Child support is designed to be spent on the cost to raise the child, but there are some parents who do not use the money as it is intended. Some jurisdictions track where the money is spent by depositing it directly onto a card for the custodial parent to use. Other jurisdictions deposit the money directly into the bank accounts of the custodial parent and allow them to spend the money however they choose. Once the custodial parent starts receiving child support, you can file a grievance with the court, if you feel that the money is not being used for your child.

Paying child support should not make you go broke. It will impact the amount of money you have to spend each month, the many courts do not take frivolously costs into account when determining how much you can afford to pay for your child support. You may need to consider which things are wants and which are needs in your life. The needs are the only things the courts will take into account. For more information, contact Patton Hoversten & Berg PA.