Three Things You Need To Know If You Injure Yourself On A Public Sidewalk

Uneven, broken sidewalks are the norm in many neighborhoods and cities. Not only are these unattractive, they also pose a real hazard to pedestrians and cyclists that make use of these thoroughfares. If you've fallen and hurt yourself on a sidewalk, this guide can help you decide whether you have a personal injury case and who should be held responsible. #1: Look for Negligence Simply falling isn't cause for a lawsuit, unless there are obvious signs of negligence.

How Financial Considerations Can Determine The Outcome Of Your Separation

Many couples use separation as a testing ground for divorce. At the end of the separation period, they can decide whether to divorce or resume their marriage. If you are planning to go down this route, then you should know that many factors will determine whether or not you eventually divorce. One of these factors is money, and here are a few ways in which it may affect your separation:

3 Things You Should Do Before Your Unemployment Hearing

Unemployment hearings are usually handled over the phone, which is more convenient than having to travel to an office; however, phone hearings may take a little more preparation for you. If you were denied benefits and have a phone hearing scheduled, here are three things you may need to do. You will need to send documentation ahead of time An unemployment hearing is used to gather evidence that may help you get the benefits you need.

2 Things To Know Before You Write A Character Letter Of Reference For A Criminal

If you know someone that was recently charged with a serious crime, there is a chance that you might be able to help this person receive a lighter sentencing by writing a letter to the court. This type of letter is called a character letter of reference, and a letter like this is often used by the court to determine what punishment to give to a person convicted of a crime.

Are You Eligible For A Patent?

If you have invented a product that you believe to be original or an improvement upon a product that already exists, you might be able to get a patent. Since the patenting application process is extensive and requires a fee for applying, you should make sure you are eligible before you begin. Here are some things to know about patent eligibility. What inventions have the ability to be patented? There are many types of inventions that could be patented by the U.