3 Ways a Workers Compensation Lawyer Will Increase Your Chances of Receiving Benefits

Working is what makes living possible. It gives you the money you need to pay your monthly bills, buy the things you need, and keep you from feeling idle and unproductive. However, work-related injuries can make everything that your job offers impossible to obtain. You may struggle to support yourself and your family, suffer from pain and discomfort, and struggle to manage the financial stress that comes with this ordeal. The good news is that a workers comp lawyer can help you get financial assistance for your damages. Here are three ways these lawyers will boost your chances of obtaining benefits.

Determining Eligibility

Not every employee is entitled to receive benefits. You may fail to qualify if you were violating company policies at the time of the injury, failed to report the incident on time, have a pre-existing condition, falsified medical records, or were under the influence of drugs while the mishap occurred. If you file a claim and an insurer discovers that any of these circumstances resulted in your condition, they may deny your request. A lawyer can determine if you stand a chance. If they find out that you qualify, they'll file the appropriate paperwork, help you navigate the system, and fight for your rights.

Applying for the Right Award

Depending on your injuries, you can receive several awards under the worker's compensation scheme. These include healthcare costs, rehabilitation expenses, temporary and permanent disability benefits, and a death settlement. A lawyer can examine your wounds and tell you the appropriate reimbursement you're entitled to. They'll also look into any negligence on the part of your employer, the accident's site condition, and any other factors that may have contributed to the incident. If they discover that your injury happened due to work-related irresponsibility, they'll assist you throughout the claims process and advocate on your behalf to make sure you receive the award you deserve.

Protection From Employer Retaliation

Your employer may retaliate against you in several ways for seeking reimbursement. They may harass you with phone calls, keep a close eye on your activities or even fire you. A lawyer can help you fight any intimidation from your boss and ensure they don't fire or discipline you for filing a claim. If your employer has any pending wages they should pay, a lawyer will ensure they're not held back but released promptly.

Having a seasoned workers compensation lawyer by your side can increase your odds of being compensated for a job-related injury. These lawyers know what to do to get their clients all their deserved awards.