DUI And House Arrest: What You Need To Know

Those who are arrested for driving under the influence do not always go to jail. In many areas of the country, jails are overcrowded, which often means those who are facing lesser charges will face alternative sentences. If you have received a DUI for the first time, the judge may allow you to serve your sentence in your own home under house arrest. Although not ideal, this is a more palatable option than the alternative. The following are some things you need to know:

How Common Is House Arrest for a DUI Charge?

Many people who get charged with a DUI often spend time in jail for the crime. DUI house arrest is not common but can occur in certain instances. For instance, if you are the main provider for your family and the level of intoxication was low, the judge may allow you to serve out your penalty at home. In most cases, the judge will allow you to attend work to provide for your family. Those who are chronically ill may also receive a house arrest instead of time in jail.

Can You Leave Your Home During House Arrest?

When you are under house arrest, you are not necessarily locked inside your house. There are some very strict rules as to when you can leave and what you can do while you are outside of your home. Some instances in which you may be able to leave your house include going to work, attending a doctor's appointment, going to counseling, or seeing your attorney. If you are unsure if you can leave your home, call your attorney to find out where you are allowed to go.

Are There Expenses Involved with House Arrest?

When you are sentenced to either jail or house arrest, you have to pay for some fees and expenses. You might have to pay for the monitoring service required to ensure you are where you say you are.

What Happens if You Leave Your Home?

If you leave your home and go somewhere outside the prescribed locations, you can go directly to jail. A judge will be unhappy to learn you have not followed the rules of your house arrest and will likely rescind your house arrest.

If you are arrested for a DUI and you hope to get house arrest, discuss this with your attorney. They may be able to suggest house arrest as a penalty to the court.

For more information, contact a DUI lawyer near you.