Working With A Bail Bonds Company To Get A Quick Release From Jail

Being arrested and going to jail even for a few hours is not something anyone wants. If you do end up in custody, getting a bail bond company to post your bail is essential no matter what time of day or night. 24-hour bail bonds companies can help expedite your release even before a bail hearing. 

Bail Bonds

When an arrest is made and charges are brought against you, the jail will process you into the facility, where you will wait to go to court, and the judge will set bail in your case. However, even before you see the judge, you can get bailed out of jail in most states.

The state you are in will typically have a bail schedule that they publish annually, and on it is a set bail for a specific charge. If you can pay the full cash price for that charge, the jail will release you with instructions to return for your bail hearing the next day. If you do not have the cash to pay it, you can call a 24-hour bail bonds company, and they can pay it for you.

In some cases, the judge will reduce the bail amount if it is the first time you have been arrested, and even though you have already paid the bail, you still need to appear at this hearing. The 24-hour bail bonds company will require you to be at every hearing in your case to ensure that they do not lose the bail they put up for you.

Hiring a Bail Bonds Company

Not every bail bonds company you call is going to be available to work with you. If your arrest is was made at 3 am, you need to find a 24-hour bail bonds company that can come and pay your bail. You will need to cover the fees the 24-hour bail bonds company charges. In most cases, that is ten percent of the bond. 

Often that can happen the next day after you are out and have access to your bank or can get the cash from a friend or family member. Some 24-hour bail bonds companies will let you pay the ten percent fee on a credit card if you have one as well, but talk with the bondsman that comes to the jail about your options. 

Once the bail is paid and you are out of jail, you will need to stay in contact with the bondsman so they know you are on track and attending your hearings. If everything goes right, the bail bonds company will get their bail back at the end of the trial, and you are free of the agreement with them at that point.

For more information, reach out to a 24-hour bail bonds company near you.