3 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

If you are going through a divorce and need legal help, then you know that you should hire a divorce attorney. Similarly, if you are going through a bankruptcy, you know that you can hire a bankruptcy attorney. But did you know that you can hire a real estate law professional to help you out with certain real estate deals? When might you need to hire the help of a real estate law professional to help you out, though? This article will take a closer look at three specific scenarios. Are you ready to learn more?


Your house has a deed or title that says who owns it legally and who is responsible for it. When someone passes away and they have a house, the title will usually be given to their trustee. But sometimes, when someone doesn't have a will in place or if they start fighting with others in the family, they may need a real estate lawyer to help you sort through these types of issues. 

Disclosure Agreements

Real estate transactions happen every day all across the country. And although many real estate transactions without any legal issues or trouble, there are tons of them that also need the help of a real estate lawyer. For instance, if you just closed on a house and then you found out that there are tons of problems with the house that weren't disclosed to you, you may be able to sue the seller for compensation. Additionally, if there were other things that weren't revealed to you about a real estate property, then you may also have a lawsuit, specifically when it comes to things such as land. Legally, sellers have to disclose any information that they have about a house including things that are broken or need to be fixed.  

Mortgage Documents

If you are buying a big, complicated property, then you may need a real estate attorney to help you with all of the mortgage documents. For instance, if you are buying a farm, then a real estate attorney can ensure that you have rights to things like farming equipment and all of the land. A real estate attorney can write up all of the documentation that you will need to sign and they can explain anything and everything to you as well. 

Now that you know a little bit more about what real estate attorneys can do for you, it may be time to hire one yourself to help you out!