Have A Private Business But Need Employees? Hire A Lawyer And Notary

If you have a small business and you want to start adding more employees, but you worry about who you can trust to be reliable with your business information, there are some things to consider. You don't want to be stuck with employees that take your business information or customers and go elsewhere, and you need to be legally protected. Here are a few of the things that you want to do and have ready in case an issue arises with a customer or potential employee.   

Hire a Business Lawyer

An experienced business lawyer will have all the information you need about employees and privacy, and what you can keep them from talking about. The lawyer will draw up contracts that are specific to your business needs, and go over the laws and regulations that pertain to your type of business and employer privacy.

You don't want to hire anyone, or have any of your employees sign any type of document until you meet with a business lawyer, and until you get the official forms from them.

Find a Traveling Notary

People don't always follow the laws and abide to the paperwork they sign. To prevent anyone from saying that they didn't sign the paperwork or that their signature was forged, you want to have a traveling notary like Bills Mobile Notary on hand to verify that the documents were signed by the person signing them. You may even want the notary for business contracts and other deals that take place.

Limit Phone and Internet Use

If you worry about people taking pictures to steal your business plans or ideas, or that they are recording meetings, you want to limit phones and remove WiFi at your place of employment. You can ask that they don't have their phones in any meetings that take place, and that they don't sharing files over your server.

If you have a private business that you want to keep private and you are having a hard time finding employees that you think can maintain your privacy, you want to talk with a lawyer to see what can be done. One person could end up causing a lot of problems if they don't abide by their contract, and you want to make sure that you can take legal action against them if you have proof that they weren't following their end of the contract, and that they broke the law by disregarding the agreement.