2 Ways That A Truck Accident Attorney Can Assist You

Any type of auto accident can be a hassle to deal with, but it becomes a nightmare when dealing with accidents involving large commercial trucks due to the added complexity. Listed below are two ways that an attorney that specializes in truck accidents can assist you.

Determines Who Is At Fault

The hardest part about getting into an accident with a commercial truck is determining who is at fault for the accident. While this is a pretty simple process with a normal auto accident, with a truck accident it could be one or more of a large number of potential people. For example, you may be able to sue the truck manufacturer for defects in the truck itself, the truck driver's employer for forcing the driver to drive more hours per day than is legal, or the company that owns the truck for not performing necessary maintenance. 

When you hire an attorney that specializes in truck accidents, he or she will be able to determine who is ultimately at fault so that you can sue the right people for the money that you are owed. In addition, the attorney may even choose to sue multiple people or companies if the fault for the accident was spread among them in order to get you even more money.

Negotiates Settlements

Another big way that an attorney can help you with a truck accident case is by negotiating settlements on your behalf. The main reason that you will want an attorney to handle settlement negotiations for you is that it can be very easy to accept a settlement offer that seems generous on the surface, but then discover that the settlement amount was not enough to cover your medical bills or other accident-related expenses. To make matters even worse, if you accept that settlement offer then you are no longer able to sue the responsible party or the insurance company for more money.

An attorney can help you avoid this by looking at a list of your injuries and damage to your vehicle and use his or her experience to determine how much money you will need. In some cases, the attorney may even send you to a doctor to get a better idea of how much care you will need to fully recover. Once your attorney has that information, he or she can negotiate your settlement so that you at least get your medical and repair bills covered.

Contact a truck accident attorney today in order to discuss how he or she may be able to assist with your case. This type of attorney can help you determine who was ultimately at fault for the truck accident while also negotiating favorable settlements on your behalf. Click here to read more.